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hVIVO, a pioneer of human disease models and industry leading clinical development services business focused in airways diseases.

hVIVO has a strong reputation for expertise in providing disease insights and technical execution and the Company’s biological insight has been developed into proprietary clinical services.

Leveraging human disease models in flu, RSV, and asthma exacerbation, the hVIVO platform captures ‘disease in motion’, illuminating the entire disease life cycle from healthy to sick and back to health. Via this insight, the platform enables the rational selection of drug targets and biomarkers while simultaneously providing a revolutionary methodology for testing product safety and efficacy.

hVIVO recruits volunteers in the UK to take part in their clinical studies using the ‘FluCamp’ brand.

Drug & Biomarker Discovery

By mapping the right biological targets and biomarkers, the hVIVO platform accelerates and de-risks product discovery. In the last two years alone, hVIVO’s disruptive ”pathomics” approach to get at the root cause of disease has reduced the drug pre-discovery timeline by 90% and produced the first-ever map of the human host response to flu, allowing hVIVO to identify the pathophysiology behind flu infections in order to produce targeted products and therapies. Through pathomics, drug targets to prevent, treat, and aide recovery are revealed, along with the biomarkers to simplify drug development, as well as the causal biology that can be developed into ground-breaking predictor and patient stratification tools. hVIVO’ s strategy is to exhaustively mine its flu data for discoveries, the first of which is expected in 2016. Sample collection has begun to next map asthma using this pioneering pathomics approach.

Clinical Product Testing

By identifying the promising products, the hVIVO platform accelerates drug development and reduces costs and risks. As market leader, hVIVO has pioneered the use of human disease models for early stage clinical testing with over 45 trials in over 2,200 subjects, for a wide range of industry, government, and academic clients and collaborators. Market adoption of this disruptive methodology by industry and regulators has progressed quickly with nearly $2 billion in exit events underpinned by hVIVO data since 2010 alone. hVIVO’ s ‘human in a lab’ approach generates a disease state in which to test the safety and efficacy of products in a controlled and tailored setting. Because the infections are generated with wild-type viruses, hVIVO provides a way to test with lab-like precision in humans before investing time and money in less-controlled field based studies, thus minimising the risk of later stage failures. In addition to providing services to strategically important customers, hVIVO uses the platform to test products born out of its equity investments, and will in due course use the platform to test its proprietary inventions from pathomics. In 2015 and 2016, hVIVO completed two such investments in PrEP Biopharm and Imutex, acquiring several clinical assets for universal flu, panviral flu prophylaxys, and mosquito-borne diseases, and is already actively leveraging our platform to test these assets and accelerate their development.

‘hVIVO’ and ‘FluCamp’ are registered trademarks of hVIVO Services Limited.

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