Alliances / JVs

JV / Alliances

hVIVO equity investments with partners that have used its services and expertise in return for an opportunity to benefit from potential future upside and further development of certain assets.

Imutex Limited (Joint venture)

Imutex Limited (Imutex), hVIVO’s 49% joint venture with SEEK Group Ltd (SEEK), is developing two novel vaccine candidates, FLU-v and AGS-v. FLU-v is a first-in-class ‘universal’, broad spectrum, standalone, flu vaccine candidate which is supported by a compelling data package. The positive results from two Phase IIb studies have shown the desired immunological and efficacy responses and have instructed us as to which endpoints to proceed with for the Phase III studies subject to discussion with regulatory authorities. Based on this data, management believe FLU-v is now ready for Phase III development. AGS-v is a mosquito-borne disease vaccine with a novel proposed dual action mechanism of preventing infection in humans whilst controlling the mosquito population.

As previously announced, the Board of Imutex is exploring strategic alternatives with regards to both assets, including but not limited to a full sale, a licensing agreement or a non-dilutive funding arrangement with a collaborator to run the Phase III development and study for the FLU-v vaccine candidate. Any material information regarding discussions or about the Imutex assets will be announced as appropriate.

FLU-v First-in-class universal, broad spectrum, standalone, flu vaccine candidate

AGS-v Universal mosquito-borne diseases vaccine candidate

PrEP BioPharm Limited (Associate)

PrEP Biopharm is a development-stage Biopharmaceutical company seeking to create a new paradigm for addressing upper respiratory tract infections.

PrEP 001 novel pan-viral prophylactic

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