AGS – v

AGS-v Vaccine

AGS-v is a mosquito-borne disease vaccine based on a proprietary dual-action mechanism that prevents infection, and reduces mosquito survival. It was acquired by hVIVO as part of its joint venture investment in the company, Imutex, in April 2016.

AGS-v is a mosquito borne illness vaccine based on proprietary technology licensed from SEEK to develop a novel Zika vaccine. This Zika vaccine has a proposed dual action mechanism, aiming to prevent infection in humans and also to control the mosquito population. It works by creating an anti-saliva immune response in humans that prevents infection. In addition, after the mosquito bites a vaccinated human host, antibodies from the human attack the gut and salivary glands of the mosquito which reduces the survival of the mosquito. If successful, the technology will be applied to other mosquito-borne illnesses, including malaria, dengue and West Nile.

Imutex Ltd

In April 2016, hVIVO entered in a joint venture investment Imutex Limited with the SEEK Group to develop vaccines against influenza (FLU-V) and universal mosquito-borne diseases (AGS-v).

Imutex strengthened hVIVO’s commercial flu portfolio (FLU-v) and expanded it into the adjacent therapeutic area of mosquito-borne diseases (AGS-v).

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