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Asthma is a disease full of questions. It is a diverse disease that affects over 300 million people globally. It currently has no cure and no simple diagnostic test.

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About hVIVO

asthma challenge models helping research into accelerating new therapeutics for asthma and serious breathing disordershVIVO is a rapidly growing UK life sciences company pioneering a technology platform which uses human models of disease to study new drugs and investigate disease in a safe, controlled environment.

hVIVO has established itself as the world leader in this field through the provision of clinical services to third party study sponsors. To date, the Company has conducted over 46 clinical studies, involving more than 2,200 volunteers for a range of leading industry, governmental and academic clients. hVIVO believes that the best way to understand human disease is by studying it in humans, not laboratory models.

How can we help accelerate your asthma therapy development?

hVIVO can help cut through the noise, longer timescales, greater unreliability and potential inaccuracy of field-based studies to help accelerate your novel asthma therapeutic faster and more reliably.

Welcome to the new hVIVO asthma viral induced exacerbations disease model. The better model.

At hVIVO we track our volunteers in a controlled environment from before infection, during infection and after recovery. Traditionally, participants are given a drug, sent home and from there you’ve lost the necessary and precise control of your trial.

Asthma is a global health problemWith hVIVO, you’re able to mimic real life disease conditions, which means you’re greatly minimizing the variables and problems often associated with field studies and animal models. And since viruses trigger 80% of asthma exacerbations, the model provides a mechanism for studying IMP effectiveness across drug types and patient populations.

With cleaner information from the beginning, you’re empowered to make more informed decisions and move drugs through the development process more efficiently. Getting much more reliable results is the power of a controlled setting in our asthma challenge model.

Click here to view our recently presented poster at ATS 2016 (in May 2016, California USA)

Looking for more proof? Companies that have used our challenge model with a respiratory focus have experienced $2 billion in acquisitions. Please use the Contact form below for more information and to see if we can help your asthma therapeutic research programme.

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