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Latest Press Releases

10.01.19Positive Data for Phase IIb FLU-v Challenge Study
31.10.18AGS-v Partial Preliminary Results
08.10.18Two New Contracts for RSV Human Challenge Studies
08.10.18Directorate Change
20.09.18Interim Results
18.06.18hVIVO Reports Positive Results from the Phase IIb Field Study of FLU-v (FLU-v 003)
23.05.18Result of AGM
27.04.18Posting of 2017 Annual Report and Financial Statements
19.04.18Audited 2017 Preliminary Results
19.04.18Chief Executive Officer Steps Down
10.04.18Statement regarding share price
06.04.18Notice of Preliminary Results
05.04.18Directors’ Dealings
26.03.18Initial results from Imutex’s Phase IIb study of FLU-v
16.01.18Award of Share Options
09.01.18Directors’ Dealings
21.12.17Award of Share Options
14.12.17Director’s Dealings
30.10.17Directorate Change
05.10.17Directors’ Dealings
21.09.17Half-year Financial Report
10.07.17Directors’ Dealings
20.06.17Board Change
24.05.17Results of AGM
18.05.17Award of Deferred Bonus Share Options
28.04.17Posting of 2016 Annual Report and Financial Statements
20.04.17Audited 2016 Preliminary Results
13.04.17Trading Update
05.04.17Directors’ Dealings
21.02.17hVIVO notes the initiation of a Phase I clinical trial with AGS-v
09.02.17Data from PrEP Biopharm’s two Phase IIa clinical studies
05.01.17Directors’ Dealings
30.12.16Change of auditor
12.10.16Directors’ Dealings
23.09.16Exercise of Share Options
22.09.16Half-year Financial Report
21.09.16Trading update
02.09.16hVIVO Landmark Asthma Study Underway
04.08.16Directors’ Dealings
14.06.16Favourable results for PrEP Biopharm’s Flu Study
24.05.16David Norwood Lock-in Deed
23.05.16Result of AGM
28.04.16Posting of 2015 Annual Report and Financial Statements
25.04.16Initial results for PrEP Biopharm’s PrEP-001 Phase IIa Flu Study
22.04.16Joint Venture Investment with the SEEK Group
20.04.16Board Changes
20.04.16Audited 2015 Preliminary Results
14.04.16Directors’ Dealings
06.01.16Directors’ Dealings
15.12.15Result of General Meeting
26.11.15Conditional Placing to raise £20.5 million
02.11.15hVIVO invests in PrEP Biopharm Limited
02.11.15Trading Update
05.10.15Directors’ Dealings
24.09.15Half Yearly Report
06.07.15Directors’ Dealings
25.06.15Exercise of Share Options
26.05.15Result of AGM
14.05.15Director’s Dealings
13.05.15Exercise of Share Options
08.05.15Director’s Dealings
30.04.15Director’s Dealings
24.04.15Posting of 2014 Annual Report and Financial Statements
21.04.15Award of Share Options
16.04.15Audited 2014 Preliminary Results
16.04.15Confirmation of change of name to hVIVO plc
13.04.15Change of Name to hVIVO
08.04.15Directors’ Dealings
04.03.15Issue of Ordinary Shares
16.02.15Trading Update
09.01.15Directors’ Dealings
25.11.14Trading Update
06.11.14Director’s Dealings
04.11.14Director’s Dealings
07.10.14Board change
25.09.14Half Yearly Report
01.09.14Result of General Meeting
21.08.14hVIVO HCM of GS-5086 in RSV for Gilead Sciences
14.08.14Conditional Placing to raise £33.6 million
28.07.14hVIVO HCM study of AL-8176 in RSV for Alios BioPharma
14.07.14Board change
26.06.14Board change
12.06.14Board changes
04.06.14Start of hVIVO challenge study in asthma
02.06.14Investor Event
21.05.14Result of AGM
17.04.14Posting of 2013 Annual Report and Accounts
09.04.14Board Changes
09.04.14Audited 2013 Preliminary Results
19.03.14New state of the art biomedical facility in UK
16.12.13Trading Update
26.09.13Half Yearly Report
28.08.13Contract Win
23.08.13Contract Win
02.07.13Result of General Meeting
01.07.13Contract Win
14.06.13Conditional Placing to raise £25.5 million
19.04.13Posting of 2012 Annual Report and Accounts
10.04.13Audited 2012 Preliminary Results
07.01.13Contract Win
12.12.12Trading Update
22.10.12Contract Win
24.09.12Half Yearly Report
10.05.12Contract Win
03.05.12First day of Dealings and Admission to AIM

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