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hVIVO is a speciality biopharma company with two distinct ways that our proprietary platform can be used: to mine biological insight to develop new products, and to test products rapidly and effectively such that late phase surprises and sets backs are minimised. By putting a ‘human in a lab,’ hVIVO is able to see disease in motion in order to get at the true biological levers of disease that are normally hidden from view. And through the very same ‘human lab’ approach, hVIVO is able to generate ‘disease in motion’ in order to test therapeutic interventions against that disease.

Market adoption of this disruptive methodology by industry and regulators has progressed quickly with nearly $2 billion in exit events underpinned by hVIVO data since 2010 alone. Using our platform and wild-type viruses, hVIVO provides a way to test with lab-like precision in humans before investing time and money in less-controlled field based studies, thus minimising the risk of later stage failures.

homepage_welcometohvivo-1400x906During 2015, we began building hVIVO’s commercial infrastructure to fuel our innovative product efforts and support new, more collaborative partner relationships as a key part of our business strategy. 2015 was a corner-turning year for hVIVO, one in which we began to take the guesswork out of biology by illuminating the right targets and biomarkers for more streamlined and cost-effective drug development, positioning us to participate in the upside our insight creates, in many instances, as an equity stakeholder. This is how we generated three clinical assets in under a year and we continue to investigate new opportunities.

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If you are interested to find out more about these and other hVIVO developments and innovations, and how there may be a collaborative or partnering opportunity with your organisation, then please use the “Contact Us” form on this website.

This section details current collaborations and joint ventures using our human disease model platform to help achieve better treatments, faster.

PrEP 001 Panviral Prophylaxis

FLU-v Universal Flu Vaccine

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