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Human Challenge Study Services in Drug Development

The hVIVO Platform

The platform has a much wider application in helping to better understand illness because our belief is that the best way to understand human disease is by studying it in humans, not laboratory models.

The team at hVIVO are committed to creating the next generation of drugs and vaccines for respiratory diseases through expert clinical research.

Accelerating drug and vaccine development

comprehensive facilities within our clinical researcg organisation

Human challenge studies with hVIVO human disease models provide human disease insights and understanding by monitoring human response throughout the disease process. With hVIVO, there are many benefits:-

  • Obtain superior clinical trial results: Conducts studies in a controlled quarantine environment, promoting a superior study design and efficient trial process.
  • Gain deeper disease understanding: Tracks disease throughout its¬†lifecycle to gain deeper insights.
  • Deliver better drugs, faster: Human challenge studies with hVIVO human disease models are a cost-effective alternative to early stage, field-based trials. Study results can provide important guidance in designing the large-scale licensing studies required for moving forward through the subsequent phases of drug and vaccine development research.

The hVIVO platform studies healthy volunteers through an illness episode and a return to normal health in quarantine

In human challenge studies with hVIVO disease models, healthy volunteers are isolated in our specialist facility and infected with a suitable respiratory virus, which is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. They are then typically observed for 10 to 17 days. During this time, they may be treated with a new drug candidate, or may have already been given a new vaccine.

Human volunteers are at the heart of all we do. Human challenge studies with hVIVO human disease models entail working with patient volunteers who suffer with a specific illness or disease that we are targeting for further exploration. This provides much greater in-depth understanding, and in exploring other disease areas with unmet medical needs, develops human challenge models to also address these.


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