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Asthma is a disease full of questions. It is a diverse disease that affects over 300 million people globally. It currently has no cure and no simple diagnostic test.

When hVIVO began working with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), it was not a well understood disease. We defined and calibrated a disease model that has now become the gold standard. Two different landmark studies conducted by hVIVO with pharmaceutical/biotech companies – Alios(now Janssen) and Gilead for RSV therapies were both published in the highly respected New England Journal of Medicine. Given this success, we are using the same approach to develop new models for respiratory diseases, starting with asthma.

Choose the asthma model that works for you


Given the heterogeneous nature of asthma, there is a growing need to develop more targeted therapies. To help meet that need, hVIVO provides two models for investigating asthma: allergen challenge and viral asthma exacerbation challenge that provide options for accelerating your drug development program. This provides you the ability to select the right model that best fits your drug MOA and drug development needs.

  • Viral induced asthma exacerbation model to benchmark your targeted therapies against exacerbations in early drug development to guide future studies. Learn more.
  • Bronchial allergen challenge model for investigating allergen-induced inflammatory pathways and the changes in the early and late asthmatic response pathophysiology. Learn more.

The hVIVO viral-induced asthma exacerbation and bronchial allergen challenge models enable you to study asthma patients before, during and after (recovery) provocation/exacerbation to gain a complete picture of the disease pathophysiology and asthma exacerbation episode. It also allows for a better understanding of how your treatment works in humans, define the optimal dose and, unlike field studies, you can find these answers and complete your study in months, not years.

How can we help accelerate your novel asthma therapy development?

hVIVO can help cut through the noise, longer timescales, greater unreliability and potential inaccuracy of field-based studies to help accelerate your novel asthma therapeutic faster and more reliably. We can:

  • Validate assumptions regarding drug target, mechanism of action and biological impact in humans
  • Confirm safety and efficacy
  • Verify dosing regimens and accelerate time to market

How can we help accelerate your novel asthma therapy development?

Please Contact Us to find out more, to set up an exploratory meeting, or to see if a research collaboration with hVIVO may just help challenge the asthma “status quo” and help you to achieve better treatments, faster.

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