Bronchial Allergen Challenge

Asthma Research – Bronchial Allergen Challenge Model

hVIVO offers the well utilized and robust bronchial allergen challenge model to help support the accelerated early phase development of your drug or therapeutic. Bronchial allergens are a common cause of asthma symptoms and exacerbations in the everyday life of people with asthma. The bronchial allergen challenge model provides a more traditional means of evaluating the fundamental performance of your asthma or allergic rhinitis therapy in a commercially robust and reliable, non-academic context.

It is predominantly employed to investigate the links between allergen-induced inflammatory pathways and the changes in the early and late asthmatic response pathophysiology. In clinical drug development, inhaled allergen challenge showed an overall good positive and an excellent negative predictive value.

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Along with the bronchial allergen challenge, hVIVO also offers the viral-induced exacerbation model to help benchmark your targeted therapies against exacerbations in early drug development to guide future studies. Learn more.

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