Viral-Induced Asthma Exacerbation

Asthma Research – Viral-Induced Asthma Exacerbation Model

More than 80% of asthma attacks or exacerbations are caused by viruses, primarily cold viruses. The hVIVO platform provides the ability to monitor asthma patients before, during and after exacerbations within a controlled setting- observing the disease “in motion”- allowing you to benchmark your therapies faster and earlier than traditional research processes. It includes a proven process for dosing, infecting and analysing patient response across placebo and treatment groups to promote consistency across studies.

hVIVO invested in developing a human model of viral-induced asthma exacerbation by conducting our qualification study to develop a safe, reproducible and clinically relevant asthma human challenge model, released in 2015. The company’s self‑sponsored study provided the first commercially available viral challenge model for the study of asthma and antiviral therapies in asthmatic subjects. The model also produced the first samples obtained from subjects during the course of an asthma exacerbation using its hVIVO platform.

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Along with the viral-induced asthma exacerbation challenge, hVIVO also offers the bronchial allergen challenge model for investigating allergen-induced inflammatory pathways and the changes in the early and late asthmatic response pathophysiology. Learn more.

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