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Human Rhinovirus in more common terms is known as the ‘Common Cold’.

hVIVO has its roots in the renowned Common Cold Institute in Salisbury UK, and has applied many of the ground-breaking processes into its own hrv research methods and procedures.

Human rhinoviruses (HRV), first discovered in the 1950s, are responsible for more than one-half of cold-like illnesses and cost billions of pounds annually in medical visits and missed days of work. However, there are currently no approved antiviral therapies for HRV, and treatment remains primarily supportive.


HRV pioneer

hVIVO has championed human challenge models using HRV which has been used in common cold studies with clients and we continue to investigate additional applications where this model can help address critical clinical questions. In asthma, over 80% of viral exacerbated asthma incidents being triggered by HRV infections. Our highly respected asthma viral exacerbation model, a valuable tool for assessing new asthma therapeutics, was defined using our HRV stock and we have also developed a model for cough based on HRV.

Rigorously characterised viral stocks

visionvalues_footerimageOur viral standard for HRV (HRV-16) is a respected standard, manufactured to cGMP standards and rigorously characterized for quality, safety and efficacy. It has been designed to have optimised symptomology as well as an unparalleled safety record.

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