Target & Biomarker Discovery

Target and Biomarker Discovery


Understanding the human host response is vital to select the best‑fit therapies, but it requires an understanding of complex biological processes and how they work. Since our hVIVO platform allows the human biological system to be perturbed under tightly controlled, safe conditions and for the resulting changes to be measured at the cellular and molecular level, the platform can help provide insights into a broad range of human disease pathways that will lead to new understandings of other diseases that share similar pathways, enabling new treatment and diagnostic options to be developed.

Our two step approach entails:

  • Defining signalling pathways utilising data mined from our hVIVO platform to identify the signalling circuitry and the changes that occur in gene and protein samples between the healthy and symptomatic state of infected volunteers
  • Using this pathway information to identify drug targets and disease activity biomarkers which are then qualified using disease-specific cell functional assays and relevant human tissue samples

This pathway driven approach can help to change the costs, time and risks associated with drug development, dramatically accelerating the process.  It can be particularly useful for respiratory diseases where there are few animal models to study disease mechanisms.

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