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Target and Biomarker Discovery

Capabilities & Benefits

target-bio3Within our discovery research and development capabilities, we are identifying the biological signalling pathways, or circuits, involved in modulating the human response to respiratory viral infection.

This approach is pioneering, with no real suitable name, so we coined a new term to describe it: ‘Pathomics’, a diagnostic check for the wiring in the body’s circuitry that is a conjugation of ‘pathway’ or signalling networks, and ‘omics’.

Pathomics involves data mining, data analysis, and experimental work to elucidate and define the most influential signalling pathways underlying the human host response. In early 2015 we achieved our first pathomics map, describing the host response to influenza in healthy human volunteers.

How We Do It

target-bio2Understanding human‑host response is vital to select the best‑fit therapies, but it requires an understanding of complex biological processes and how they work. Our hVIVO platform allows the human biological system to be perturbed under tightly controlled, safe conditions and for the resulting changes to be measured at the cellular and molecular level. This provides insights into a broad range of human disease pathways that will lead to new understandings of other diseases that share similar pathways, enabling new treatment and diagnostic options to be developed.

To define signalling pathways we utilise data mined from our hVIVO platform to identify the signalling circuitry and the changes that occur in gene and protein samples between the healthy and symptomatic state of infected volunteers. We then identify ways to modify the signalling networks to restore the volunteer from disease, back to the healthy state.

This ground-breaking scientific approach is targeted towards high‑risk conditions, which generally respond poorly to therapies and have the greatest unmet medical need, the young and elderly and those with chronic respiratory diseases. As the hVIVO platform evolves our discovery work to identify new biomarkers allows for more targeted volunteer recruitment in product validation and clinical testing, both in quarantine and field‑based studies.

Our pathomics approach is changing the costs, time and risks associated with pre‑discovery, pre‑clinical and clinical development, dramatically accelerating the drug and therapeutic development process.

Contact Us

For more information on our biomarker and pathomics services, or to make a specific research or collaboration enquiry, please use the Contact Us form, or call us on telephone +44 (0)20 7756 1300.

Interested in participating in a trial?

hVIVO has a strong track record recruiting for human challenge studies through its FluCamp arm - volunteer for a clinical trial with Flucamp - the volunteer brand of hVIVO

Human volunteers are at the heart of all we do. Human Challenge Model studies entail working either with healthy volunteers, or with patient volunteers who suffer with a specific illness or disease that we are targeting, for further exploration and much greater in-depth understanding.

‘FluCamp’ is a volunteer recruitment brand of hVIVO Services Limited.


FluCamp-Logo (1)To find out more about the whole volunteer experience in hVIVO ‘FluCamp’ clinical trials, the science behind it, and to register your interest in volunteering, visit our dedicated FluCamp volunteer information and recruitment site at .

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