2000th hVIVO “FluCamp “ volunteer milestone achieved and marked with a donation to the Whitechapel Mission

October 1, 2015 11:05 am

hVIVO donates to local homeless charity Whitechapel Mission

hVIVO, the pioneer of human challenge models of disease, is delighted to mark the milestone of successfully and safely discharging its 2000th volunteer with a £2000 donation to a truly deserving local charity in London.

hVIVO conducts clinical trials to help accelerate the development of new drugs , vaccines and other therapeutics, often on behalf of leading global pharmaceutical organisations. Most of the work is conducted at hVIVO’s state of the art medical quarantine unit in the heart of Whitechapel and typically involves the recruitment of healthy volunteers to participate in a two-three week medical trial.

A recent study included the milestone of the 2000th volunteer coming into the quarantine unit – an impressive achievement in hVIVO’s work to understand more thoroughly the human body’s reaction to a range of respiratory diseases .

As well as internal recognition and some celebration, hVIVO decided to mark this milestone with a donation of £2000 to Whitechapel Mission, a local charity dedicated to helping and supporting the homeless.

The charity has now received enough funding to complete a necessary kitchen equipment refurbishment which will help support the 5000 homeless people that come through its doors every year. The Mission can now purchase new stoves and ovens which will enable it to continue with its amazing work of helping the homeless in and around Whitechapel, as well as those from many other parts of London.

The Whitechapel Mission’s strapline is “Always the homeless first” and this has never been more true than when you see their work in action. The Mission has been serving the homeless and marginalised for 139 years and our donation will enable the kitchens, which are in operation 365 days a year, to continue providing full cooked breakfasts to as many as 300 homeless and vulnerable men and women each day, as well as lunches and other meals.

Tony Miller, director at Whitechapel Mission, commented: “We needed around £2000 to complete a current kitchen refurbishment with new cookers and hobs. We are grateful to receive a charitable contribution of this nature, and hVIVO’s 2000th volunteer milestone donation will go a long way to help us to continue serving the homeless in and around London for many more years to come.”

If you’d like to find out more about the Whitechapel Mission’s work, please visit their website at www.whitechapel.org.uk .

Find out more about hVIVO  and our research into helping develop ‘better treatments faster’ on this website.

Pictured is Tony Miller, director at Whitechapel Mission, receiving the £2000 donation from Colin Paterson, hVIVO, who is accompanied by Anne Kang’au – an hVIVO volunteer contact specialist.

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