AGS – v

About AGS-v – a universal mosquito-borne diseases vaccine candidate

AGS-v is a mosquito-borne disease vaccine with a novel proposed dual action mechanism of preventing infection in humans whilst controlling the mosquito population. AGS-v is composed of four salivary peptides isolated from Anopheles gambiae salivary glands, but that are common across a number of mosquitoes.

In 2018 the NIH presented partial results from the Phase I first-in-man study of AGS-v completed by the NIH. Based upon currently available data the Phase I study met primary objective endpoints with regard to safety and humoral response.

The remaining endpoints will be evaluated once the full and final data are available in due course, at which point a full assessment of the trial results will be possible when the NIH completes the sample analyses.

AGS – v Scientific Papers / Abstracts