FLU – v

About FLU-v – a Phase III enabled, broad spectrum stand-alone, universal influenza vaccine candidate

FLU-v is a novel first-in-class ‘universal’, broad spectrum, stand-alone, influenza vaccine candidate. FLU-v is designed to provide broad-spectrum cover against multiple influenza strains and does not require annual immunisation alongside an annual influenza vaccine to confer immunity. It is also designed to minimise the impact of the influenza virus by reducing symptoms, potentially relegating influenza to a much milder disease by stimulating an immune response mediated through T-cells and B-cells that recognise infected cells and destroy them, in contrast to seasonal influenza vaccines that prevent infection through antibody protection against external proteins.

Two Phase IIb studies have achieved primary endpoints:

  • field study, FLU-v 003; and
  • challenge study, FLU-v 004.

About SEEK Group (PepTCell Limited, trading as SEEK Group)

SEEK’s strategy is to bring safe, effective and low cost medicines to patients as quickly as possible, to radically improve human health in major disease areas.

It does this by:

Modifying existing medicines to improve their efficacy
Using existing medicines in new indications
Creating new chemical entities

Working in these different ways allows SEEK to optimise the regulatory approval pathway to ensure that it brings safe and effective products to patients in the shortest possible time.

FLU – v Scientific Papers / Abstracts