PrEP – 001

PrEP 001 novel pan-viral prophylactic

In November 2015, hVIVO acquired a significant equity stake inin PrEP Biopharm.


PrEP-001 is a novel, nasally administered, broad-spectrum agent designed to leverage the body’s innate immune system to prevent respiratory tract viral infections. hVIVO has previously reported positive proof-of-concept challenge studies in healthy volunteers challenged with flu and human rhinovirus 16, HRV-16 (common cold). Results of these studies were published in early 2018 in the peer reviewed journal Antiviral Research.

The management of PrEP Biopharm continue to plan for the future development of PrEP- 001, a broad spectrum anti-viral treatment/prophylaxis development stage asset and is in active discussion with potential investors and partners in order to progress the development of the product.

PrEP Biopharm Limited

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