Human challenge full-service solution

Unparalleled experience in the design, conduct and analysis of human models of disease

Study design & protocol development



Ethics & regulatory submission


Data management and biostatistics


Biomarker development

Study Report

Clinical Trial:
Inpatient or outpatient

Standardised study process

‘Committed to delivering study excellence’

Protocol Design

  • Study management process

  • Services deliver quality results

  • Meeting client needs and timelines

  • Trials conducted using controlled settings and processes

Screening & recruitment

  • Recruitment of volunteers in the UK using the ‘FluCamp’ brand


  • Bespoke quarantine unit in Whitechapel, London for conducting challenge studies: 24 en-suite rooms

Viral Challenge

  • Well characterised challenge

  • Exact exposure time to virus

Intensive sample collections

  • Virology

  • Immunology

  • Biomarkers

Quarantine discharge and follow up

  • Immunugenicity

  • Seroconversion

  • Standard 28 days can be up to 1 year

Other services we offer:

hVIVO Challenge Models

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Laboratory Services

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