Laboratory Services

hVIVO Labs is a highly specialised virology and immunology laboratory offering a suite of services to support pre-clinical and clinical respiratory drug and vaccine discovery and development.

Reliable laboratory analysis underpinned by scientific expertise is essential when processing and analysing clinical samples. Robust quality processes support our team of scientists in the delivery of submission ready data.

Clinical Laboratory Services

End to end lab support services, from clinical trial and field study sampling kit provision with sample stabilisation to data management and reporting

Quality management system supporting our project teams to deliver the highest standard of clinical data

Projects supported by a team of over 40 lab scientists working in a GCLP accredited lab, providing scientific oversight, project and data management, sample logistics and assays validated to FDA, EMA and ICH guidelines


Bespoke Assay Development

Ability to provide bespoke assays when needed to optimise study outcomes and provide exploratory endpoints

Extensive experience in assay development and validation to EMA, FDA and the ICH guidelines providing sensitive, clinically robust assays



Consolidating your biomarker analysis to a single source lab will reduce time and costs throughout client development programs

We offer a wide range of assays including:

  • serological screening

  • virus infectivity

  • real-time quantitative RT-PCR

  • rapid qPCR for triggered dosing challenges

  • humoral & cell-mediated immune responses

Currently developing biomarker assays for Asthma and COPD models

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Other services we offer:

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Full-service Solution

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hVIVO Challenge Models

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