See why antibody testing could be the key to getting your employees back to work

We spoke to over 1000 employees and employers in the UK to understand why antibody testing is a key component of back-to-work strategies

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Our research findings at a glance

  • 82%

    of employers are already considering antibody testing as part of their back-to-work strategy

  • The accuracy of test results is the most important feature of a COVID-19 antibody test

  • 90%

    of employees would like their employer to offer antibody testing

hVIVO COVID Clear gives employees
the confidence to return to work

  • 1

    Help your employees feel confident in their return to work by providing the highest level of testing accuracy available (100% Sensitivity and 99.8% specificity)

  • 2
    Fast and Efficient

    Flexible options for employee blood draws. Provide us with your preferred date and location and our qualified healthcare professional(s) will come to you. Results available within 48 hours

  • 3
    Cutting Edge

    CE In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Marked. Full blood draw ensures greatest test accuracy with clear positive or negative result

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