Human challenge studies tester

Human challenge studies, which involves the isolation of a volunteer, their deliberate exposure to an infectious agent and the continuous monitoring of their health via clinical assessments, biological sampling and other forms of data collection.

HVIVO has pioneered human challenge studies for 20 years and has built up a data and biobank from fully-consented volunteers that participated in internal hVIVO studies or the placebo arm of select trials which is now available for immediate analysis. hVIVO is now seeking a commercial partner to unlock potential insights associated with its world-leading work on infectious diseases.


Multiple viral challenges models
Our biobank includes multiple viral challenge models including Flu, HRV and RSV with SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) soon to be included. Other models in development include Asthma exacerbation, COPD and Malaria.

Over 700 fully-consented patients
Fully-consented, specifically remunerated.

250,000 individual patient samples
Across a range of sample types (blood, serum, nasal) and for the full duration of the diseases’ progression.

Our Bio & Databank

hVIVO lab Bio Databank Example stored samples

Stored SamplesStored samples
For each patient, multiple samples types at various points before, during and after viral challenge and resolution are retained including Plasma, Serum, NPS, Nasal Wash, PAXgene RNA/DNA, Urine and others.

Existing dataExisting data
A range of measurements including immunological and virological information have already been conducted and are available, with the stored samples available for further characterisation upon request.

Clinical observationsClinical observations
All datasets are accompanied by clinical notes associated with a patient’s individual state of health at any stage during the study including symptoms, symptom diary cards and patient vital signs.


Possible customers

The data from the ‘Disease in Motion’ can be used for a multitude of different activities by potential customers including big pharma, smaller biotech companies and technology companies with an interest in healthcare.

Offsite Biobank facility

Stored SamplesDedicated, state-of-the-art storage facility
Samples are held in hVIVO’s dedicated facility outside of London including state-of-art refrigerators and back-up power supply.

Specialist staffSpecialist staff
The storage of samples in our Ely Biobank facility is managed according to strict procedures and protocols by a dedicated team.

Rigorous securityRigorous security
The facility incorporates measures that reflect the sensitivity of the materials stored within it.

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