hVIVO making poster presentations at respiratory syncytial virus conference, ‘RSV 2016’, Patagonia Argentina, September 2016

September 14, 2016 4:01 pm

RSV 2016, 28 Sept – 1 Oct 2016, Llao Llao Hotel, Patagonia, Argentina

Dr Andrew Catchpole, hVIVO’s Scientific & Operations Director within hLAB, will be presenting a scientific poster at RSV 2016, the main global event for international researchers working in RSV, taking place between 28th September and 1st October 2016 in Patagonia, Argentina.

RSV disease is now recognized as an international problem, affecting child morbidity and mortality from industrialized to developing countries. In its 10th edition, the RSV 2016 Symposium coincides with a revolutionary time in RSV history. Late phase trials of vaccines and long-lived monoclonal antibodies to protect infants are in progress, vaccines for the elderly are advancing, the relationship between RSV and asthma is being deciphered, novel vaccine constructs are emerging, and antivirals are showing promising results in early studies.

The meeting brings together basic scientists, translational investigators, field researchers, students, international organizations, sponsors, regulators and the pharmaceutical industry to share current knowledge in the field and plan future steps towards protecting children and the elderly.

Dr Catchpole’s hVIVO Poster Session is entitled:- “Measurement of intracellular replicative strand in Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infected human volunteers.” (poster reference ID 408) and provides fascinating insight into the role of the hVIVO human challenge model in the greater understanding of RSV.

In addition to Dr Catchpole’s insightful poster presentation, event delegates can find out more about hVIVO’s pioneering work, and how it may benefit drug development research, with members of the hVIVO Business Development team supporting Dr Catchpole over the 4 day event.

Commenting on this autumn’s RSV 2016 event, Dr Andrew Catchpole said “hVIVO have played a recent and significant role in researching two truly promising new RSV drugs using our pioneering human challenge model, and I am delighted to attend RSV 2016 to help share this substantial body of our valuable research experience.”

If you would like to make contact with the team from hVIVO before or during the event, please use the form below.

Find out more about RSV 2016 here: https://www.rsv16.org/

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