hVIVO’s Dr Anthony Gilbert speaking at International Conference on Influenza, London, August 2015

July 10, 2015 2:39 pm

International Conference on Influenza, Crowne Plaza Hotel, West Drayton, London, UK, 24 – 26 August 2015

Dr Anthony Gilbert, hVIVO (formerly Retroscreen Virology) Medical Director, will be speaking at the International Conference on Influenza in London in August 2015.

The conference is themed “Explore the research challenges on Influenza” and will provide an opportunity for a wide and global range of researchers to discuss the various challenges posed by influenza strains. From its seasonal occurrence to more global challenges, researchers from the fields of Virology, Microbiology, Public Health and Immunology will be present to exchange their thoughts and clinical outcomes on treating flu and related variants. The conference includes a comprehensive speaker programme, poster sessions and workshops.

Dr Gilbert will be presenting on Day 2 and his presentation, which will give insight into the pioneering work conducted by hVIVO, is entitled “The Human Viral Challenge Model – Accelerating Antiviral and Vaccine Development”.

Dr Gilbert commented: “The past influenza season in particular was challenging. Despite the annual production of flu vaccines, the effectiveness of the 2014/15 vaccine programme was heavily impacted by a vaccine strain mismatch. In addition, seasons dominated by H3N2 viruses can be worse than other seasons. The significant and widespread challenge of influenza remains a global issue. My colleagues and I have taken part in vibrant and productive conference sessions this year on the challenges brought on by respiratory viral disease; I am really looking forward to contributing further by presenting some of our own hVIVO breakthrough insights into disease understanding and drug development through the pioneering use of the human challenge model”.

Accompanying Dr Gilbert at the event will be Nicolas Noulin, hVIVO Principal Virologist. If you would like to make contact with either Anthony or Nicolas before or during the event, please contact us using the below form.

Find out more about the event itself here: https://influenza.conferenceseries.com/

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