hVIVO’s Dr Nicolas Noulin will be presenting at “Virus-Like Particle & Nano-Particle Vaccines” Leiden, The Netherlands , June 2016

June 3, 2016 7:30 am

‘Virus-Like Particle & Nano-Particle Vaccines’, 22-24 June 2016, Leiden University Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

Dr Nicolas Noulin, Principal Virologist at hVIVO, will be making an oral presentation at the ‘Virus-Like Particle & Nano-Particle Vaccines’ event in Leiden, The Netherlands, 22 – 24 June 2016. In addition, Dr Noulin will now also be presenting a scientific poster during the event.

Organised by Meetings Management, this event (‘VLP’) is the third meeting in this new series; virus like particles are supra-molecular assemblages incorporating key immunologic features of viruses which include repetitive surfaces, particulate structures with potential for strong induction of both innate and adaptive immunity through activation of pathogen-associated molecular-pattern recognition receptors. This event, at the internationally recognised University Medical Centre in Leiden, will be of interest to researchers/contributors from academic programmes, industrial, governmental and regulatory groups.

Commenting on the June ‘VLP’ event, Dr Noulin said: “As well as sharing updates and new research findings with attending colleagues I am giving a presentation entitled: ‘VLPs and other novel vaccine technologies: the role of Human Viral Challenge studies in assessing efficacy and correlates of protection.’ I am pleased to be joined at the event by our Business Development Director, Amanda Higgins. I am additionally pleased to have been asked to present a scientific poster entitled ‘High-throughput use of the haemagglutination inhibition assay during Phase 3 clinical trials using large virus panels’.”

If you would like to make contact with Dr Nicolas Noulin or Amanda Higgins before or during the event, please use the contact form below.

Find out more about ‘Virus-Like Particle & Nano-Particle Vaccines’ here: www.meetingsmanagement.co.uk

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