Man Flu – myth or reality?

March 31, 2015 1:33 pm

So is there such a thing as Man Flu ?

FluCamp, part of Retroscreen Virology, has been infecting people with flu and common cold viruses for over 15 years ( The work is scientifically robust and has helped develop treatments for both children, healthy adults, those in susceptible groups and the elderly.

Whilst conducting this research, in which both male and female volunteers were infected, they discovered something unexpected: that there is no such thing as Man Flu.

The analysis conducted by Mr A. Mann builds on work he and the team have previously conducted in human challenge model studies, and presented at earlier conferences, further evidence will be presented at upcoming international conferences.”

Dr Rob Lambkin-Williams, senior virologist at FluCamp and Retroscreen commented ” There are many myths about colds and flu and it’s great to put this one to rest!”

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