Media Coverage

29.09.20 New £4.3m Challenge Study Contract Win with Global Top 10 Vaccine Company –
29.09.20 Open Orphan wins new contract –
28.09.20 Open Orphan new £4.3m challenge study contract win with global top 10 vaccine company – Directors Talk Interviews
28.09.20 Dublin-listed Open Orphan wins €4.7m challenge study contract –
22.09.20 Open Orphan wins contract to support European pharma giant – The Irish Times
22.09.20 Open Orphan subsidiary wins contract with ‘major’ European pharma company –
10.08.20 Open Orphan signs €4.4m contract with global company – RTE
10.08.20 Open Orphan wins €4m contract to conduct trial for new RSV treatment – The Irish Times
10.08.20 Open Orphan signs contract worth £4m –
04.08.20 Open Orphan signs new pharma trial contract with Carna – ShareCast
04.08.20 Open Orphan deal to generate ‘significant revenue’ for Venn Life Sciences – The Irish Times
04.08.20 Open Orphan inks new contract with Carna Bioscience – Vox Markets
28.07.20 Open Orphan agrees contract for Covid-19 vaccine trial – RTE
28.07.20 Open Orphan signs deal to carry out Covid-19 vaccine trial – The Irish Times
28.07.20 Open Orphan wins contact for Covid-19 vaccine trial –
02.07.20 Connect: Is antibody testing really a passport to Covid freedom? – Metro
24.06.20 Open Orphan developing world first challenge study model for Covid-19 vaccines – RTE
24.06.20 Open Orphan primed for profitability after transformational year – Proactive Investors
24.06.20 Open Orphan develops first challenge study model to test Covid-19 vaccines – The Irish Times
15.06.20 Open Orphan sees positive trial on mosquito-borne disesases – The Irish Times
15.06.20 Open Orphan study results published in The Lancet
12.06.20 How a vaccine made of mosquito spit could help stop the next epidemic – The Times of India
08.06.20 hVIVO offers coronavirus antibody testing to UK employers –
07.06.20 Coronavirus vaccine: wanted — human guinea pigs to be infected with Covid-19 – The Times
06.06.20 UP THE ANTI I took the antibody test that could help get millions back to work – by revealing they’ve had Covid WITHOUT realising – The Sun
02.06.20 Wanted: People willing to get sick to find Coronavirus vaccine – The Wall Street Journal
26.06.20 Inside stories fo Coronavirus battlers Aerogen, Hibergene, Open Orphan and Nearform – The Times
14.05.20 Irish companies come out in force to help during COVID-19 pandemic – The Irish Times
11.05.20 Open Orphan enters COVID-19 antibody testing partnership –
11.05.20 One idea for speeding a Coronavirus vaccine: Deliberately infecting people – The Wall Street Journal
11.05.20 Open Orphan. Quotient form COVID-19 antibody testing pact – Shares Magazine
11.05.20 Open Orphan’s rapid growth continues with COVID-19 antibody test deal (ORPH) – Value The Markets
11.05.20 Open Orphan inks contract with Quotient on COVID-19 antibody testing – ShareCast
23.04.20 Open Orphan subsidiary starts testing drug for treating COVID-19 –
23.04.20 Dublin-listed Open Orphan to test COVID-19 drug through London subsidiary – The Irish Times
22.04.20 Scientists are calling for vaccine experiments that would deliberately infect people with the novel Coronavirus – BuzzFeed News
23.03.20 Race to stop the world getting sick: as Coronavirus ravages the globe, experts work round the clock developing vaccines and trialling drugs in desperate attempt to contain it – Mail Online
11.03.20 Coronavirus: Inside UK clinic where people get paid up to £4,000 to be infected in race to find vaccine – Mirror
10.03.20 Open Orphan joint venture’s flu trial showcased in peer reviewed journal – Proactive Investors
10.03.20 Open Orphan positive results from Phase llb field study of FLU-v vaccine – Directors Talk Interviews
09.03.20 Open Orphan restarts earlier Coronavirus vaccine efforts – Scrip: Informa Pharma Intelligence
09.03.20 Coronavirus: Open Orhan to restart vaccine efforts – The Irish Times
09.03.20 People paid £3,500 to be infected with Coronavirus to find cure – Metro
09.03.20 Volunteers to be infected with Coronavirus for £3,500 in bid to find vaccine – The Sun
09.03.20 Open Orphan PLC joins coronavirus battle – Proactive Investors
09.03.20 Irish company to begin Coronavirus vaccine trials – Breaking
09.03.20 Get paid to have Coronavirus: Scientists in London will pay volunteers £3,500 to be infected in experiments to develop vaccine for deadly virus – Mail Online
09.03.20 Open Orphan launches world’s first human Coronavirus challenge study – EPM Magazine
09.03.20 Open Orhan starts on Coronavirus challenge study model – Morning Star
09.03.20 People being offered £3,500 to be infected with Coronavirus in bid to find cure – Birmingham Live
09.03.20 Open Orphan’s Cathal Friel on firm’s “milestone” human Coronavirus challenge study (ORPH) – Value The Markets
08.03.20 Coronavirus volunteers to be paid £3,500 and infected with form of bug – Daily Star
08.03.20 Coronavirus vaccine race: volunteers to be infected in the UK – The Times
08.03.20 Volunteers to be infected with Coronavirus for £3,500, in bid to find vaccine – Mirror
06.03.20 New hVIVO contract signed with a European Biotech Company – PharmiWeb
27.09.19 hVIVO to present at the 2019 European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress Madrid
19.09.19 Unaudited Interim Results for the Six Months Ended 30 June 2019
23.08.19 Notice of interim results 2019
06.08.19 hVIVO Successfully Completes RSV Challenge Study in Older Adults
31.07.19 AGS-v PLUS Phase 1
31.07.19 FD Change July 2019
17.06.19 hVIVO RSV Challenge Model Delivers Positive Results for Novel Therapy
26.04.19 2018 Annual Report
11.04.19 Preliminary Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2018
29.03.19 hVIVO & Imutex Limited to Present at IVW 2019
08.03.19 Notice of Preliminary Results 2018
10.01.19 Positive Data for Phase IIb FLU-v Challenge Study
31.10.18 AGS-v Partial Preliminary Results
08.10.18 Two New Contracts for RSV Human Challenge Studies
08.10.18 Directorate Change
20.09.18 Interim Results
18.06.18 hVIVO Reports Positive Results from the Phase IIb Field Study of FLU-v (FLU-v 003)
23.05.18 Result of AGM
27.04.18 Posting of 2017 Annual Report and Financial Statements
19.04.18 Audited 2017 Preliminary Results
19.04.18 Chief Executive Officer Steps Down
10.04.18 Statement regarding share price
06.04.18 Notice of Preliminary Results
26.03.18 Initial results from Imutex’s Phase IIb study of FLU-v
30.10.17 Directorate Change
21.09.17 Half-year Financial Report
20.06.17 Board Change
24.05.17 Results of AGM
28.04.17 Posting of 2016 Annual Report and Financial Statements
20.04.17 Audited 2016 Preliminary Results
13.04.17 Trading Update
21.02.17 hVIVO notes the initiation of a Phase I clinical trial with AGS-v
09.02.17 Data from PrEP Biopharm’s two Phase IIa clinical studies
30.12.16 Change of auditor
22.09.16 Half-year Financial Report
21.09.16 Trading update
02.09.16 hVIVO Landmark Asthma Study Underway
14.06.16 Favourable results for PrEP Biopharm’s Flu Study
24.05.16 David Norwood Lock-in Deed
23.05.16 Result of AGM
28.04.16 Posting of 2015 Annual Report and Financial Statements
25.04.16 Initial results for PrEP Biopharm’s PrEP-001 Phase IIa Flu Study
22.04.16 Joint Venture Investment with the SEEK Group
20.04.16 Board Changes
20.04.16 Audited 2015 Preliminary Results
15.12.15 Result of General Meeting
26.11.15 Conditional Placing to raise £20.5 million
02.11.15 hVIVO invests in PrEP Biopharm Limited
02.11.15 Trading Update
24.09.15 Half Yearly Report
26.05.15 Result of AGM
24.04.15 Posting of 2014 Annual Report and Financial Statements
16.04.15 Audited 2014 Preliminary Results
16.04.15 Confirmation of change of name to hVIVO plc
13.04.15 Change of Name to hVIVO
16.02.15 Trading Update
25.11.14 Trading Update
07.10.14 Board change
25.09.14 Half Yearly Report
01.09.14 Result of General Meeting
21.08.14 hVIVO HCM of GS-5086 in RSV for Gilead Sciences
14.08.14 Conditional Placing to raise £33.6 million
28.07.14 hVIVO HCM study of AL-8176 in RSV for Alios BioPharma
14.07.14 Board change
26.06.14 Board change
12.06.14 Board changes
04.06.14 Start of hVIVO challenge study in asthma
02.06.14 Investor Event
21.05.14 Result of AGM
17.04.14 Posting of 2013 Annual Report and Accounts
09.04.14 Board Changes
09.04.14 Audited 2013 Preliminary Results
19.03.14 New state of the art biomedical facility in UK
04.03.14 Acquisition
16.12.13 Trading Update
26.09.13 Half Yearly Report
28.08.13 Contract Win
23.08.13 Contract Win
02.07.13 Result of General Meeting
01.07.13 Contract Win
14.06.13 Conditional Placing to raise £25.5 million
19.04.13 Posting of 2012 Annual Report and Accounts
10.04.13 Audited 2012 Preliminary Results
07.01.13 Contract Win
12.12.12 Trading Update
22.10.12 Contract Win
24.09.12 Half Yearly Report
10.05.12 Contract Win
03.05.12 First day of Dealings and Admission to AIM