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hVIVO, part of Open Orphan plc, is the world leader in the testing of vaccines and antivirals using human challenge study clinical trials and is led by an experienced Leadership team.

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Open Orphan Investor Presentation 21.09.21 1.5 MB PDF

Images – hVIVO


Cathal Friel - Executive Chairman Open Orphan plc Cathal Friel – Executive Chairman Open Orphan plc 12.4 MB JPG
Dr Andrew Catchpole - hVIVO Chief Scientist Dr Andrew Catchpole – hVIVO Chief Scientist 6.6 MB JPG
Adam French - hVIVO Director Laboratory Operations Adam French – hVIVO Director Laboratory Operations 9.8 MB JPG
Danny Smith - Director of Volunteer Engagement & Retention Danny Smith – Director of Volunteer Engagement & Retention 9.6 MB JPG
FluCamp Nurse 1 FluCamp Nurse 1 16.7 MB JPG
Nurse with sample Nurse with sample 1.5 MB JPG
hVIVO FluCamp hVIVO FluCamp 1 110kb JPG
hVIVO FluCamp 2 hVIVO FluCamp 2 288kb JPG
hVIVO FluCamp 3 hVIVO FluCamp 3 16.1 MB JPG
FluCamp Volunteer 1 FluCamp Volunteer 1 23.2 MB JPG
Whitechapel-Clinic-screening-room-preview Whitechapel Clinic screening room preview 20.1 MB JPG
Whitechapel-Clinic-quarantine-room-1 Whitechapel Clinic quarantine room 1 13.6 MB JPG
Whitechapel-Clinic-quarantine-room-2 Whitechapel Clinic quarantine room 2 13.1 MB JPG
hVIVO Lab 1 hVIVO Lab 1 20.9 MB JPG
hVIVO Lab 2 hVIVO Lab 2 9 MB JPG
hVIVO Lab 3 hVIVO Lab 3 18.7 MB JPG
hVIVO Lab 4 hVIVO Lab 4 17.2 MB JPG

Company Logos

hVIVO Logo hVIVO Logo 29KB PNG
Open Orphan Logo Open Orphan Logo 157KB PNG
Venn Life Sciences Logo Venn Life Sciences Logo 126KB JPG
Flucamp Logo Flucamp Logo 31KB PNG

Open Orphan Description

Open Orphan plc (London and Euronext: ORPH) is a rapidly growing pharmaceutical service/contract research company that is a world leader in testing vaccines and antivirals using human challenge clinical trials. The company provides services to Big Pharma, biotech and government/public health organisations.

Open Orphan runs challenge studies in London from both its 19-bedroom Whitechapel quarantine clinic, opened in February 2021, and its 24-bedroom QMB clinic which also has a highly specialised virology and immunology laboratory on-site. Open Orphan has a leading portfolio of eight human challenge study models for conditions such as RSV, flu, asthma and COPD. In addition, Open Orphan is also developing the world’s first COVID-19 human challenge study model as part of the Human Challenge Programme and has signed a reservation contract with the UK Government for the first three COVID-19 vaccine challenge studies.

Building upon its many years of challenge studies and virology research, the Company is developing an in-depth database of infectious disease progression data. Based on the Company’s Disease in Motion® platform, this unique dataset includes clinical, immunological, virological and digital (wearable) biomarkers. The Disease in Motion platform has many potential applications across a wide variety of end users including big technology, wearables, pharma and biotech companies. Following COVID-19 there is now a renewed interest and investment in infectious diseases.

Open Orphan’s Paris office has been providing biometry, data management and statistics to its many European pharmaceutical clients for over 20 years. For over 15 years, the Company’s Netherlands office has been providing drug development consultancy and services, including CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and controls), PK and medical writing, to a broad range of European clients. Both offices are now also fully integrated with the London office and working on challenge study contracts as well as supporting third party trial contracts.

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