The Spread of Zika virus

February 11, 2016 11:15 am

The spread of the Zika virus in South America was already of great concern, 4000 abnormal births since October 2015 and women advised not to get pregnant for the next two years. The virus is spread by a particular mosquito ( Aedes aegypti) which is an unusual mosquito in that it is present during the day so normal prevention methods such as mosquito nets are less effective. Today the bad news, there is increasing evidence that the regular much more common Culex mosquito can also transmit the virus. The rapid spread of West Nile virus , also transmitted via mosquitos, across the USA since 1999 would suggest that the threat from Zika is severe and currently there are no treatments or vaccines

The work was reported by scientists at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation in Recife, Pernambuco State.

Dr Robert Lambkin-Williams, hVIVO Executive Scientific Advisor

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