The Viroblog 2.0

March 25, 2015 4:18 pm

We know that many people enjoy the viroblog and the links we post, however we now intend to expand things substantially. We intend to write weekly editorial articles and invite contributions from everyone.

Many thanks , Rob LW

In addition;

Retroscreen Virology appoints Branch Communications as UK Social Lead Agency

Retroscreen is delighted to announce its appointment of Branch Communications as its lead retained Social Media agency in the UK.
Following the agency’s development and presentation to the business of a fully integrated social media plan last year, Retroscreen has charged Branch Communications with handling all of its digital social marketing activity which includes the creation and development of social media communities on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
The business is looking forward to leveraging the creativity of Branch Communications in order to reach out and interact with its online following in an original and relevant way. Branch will produce news, views and content designed specifically to appeal to its varied and diverse target audiences which include staff, pharmaceutical companies that wish to use Retroscreen’s services and those considering volunteering for its FluCamp clinical trials.

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