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Human Rhinovirus in more common terms is known as the ‘Common Cold’.


Capabilities & Benefits

hVIVO has its roots in the renowned Common Cold Institute in Salisbury UK, and has applied many of the ground-breaking processes into its own hrv research methods and

Human rhinoviruses (HRV), first discovered in the 1950s, are responsible for more than one-half of cold-like illnesses and cost billions of pounds annually in medical visits and missed days of work. However, there are currently no approved antiviral therapies for HRV, and treatment remains primarily supportive.

HRV pioneer

hVIVO has championed human challenge models using HRV which has been used in HRV studies with clients. Viral exacerbated asthma attacks have become a major issue, with over 80% of viral exacerbated asthma incidents being triggered by HRV infections. Our highly respected asthma model, a valuable tool for assessing new asthma therapeutics, announced in December 2014 was defined using our HRV stock.

Rigorously characterised viral stocks

Our viral standard for HRV (HRV-16) is a respected standard, manufactured to cGMP standards and rigorously characterized for quality, safety and efficacy. Its has been designed to have optimised symptomology as well as an unparalleled safety record.

Standardized hVIVO study design


At hVIVO, human challenge studies take place in the company’s unique, purpose-built quarantine facilities, where healthy volunteers are isolated before being infected with a respiratory virus.

Conducting challenge studies in a controlled quarantine environment allows for a superior study design, is more cost-effective, and critically accelerates the selection of a safe and effective dose and dosing regimen for a new antiviral drug or vaccine. Generally, results of studies of antiviral or vaccine approaches using this challenge model have been predictive of efficacy in the real world.

Volunteers monitored during entire disease cycle

The hVIVO platform studies healthy volunteers through an illness episode and a return to normal health in quarantineThe use of a human challenge model in a controlled environment permits volunteers to be studied during the cycle of illness (i.e., before during and after infection to gain a complete picture of the infection process). This enables each subject to provide their own internal baseline and allows interventions to be studied across the disease cycle. The development of these models will also permit the development of new diagnostics and companion biomarkers

How We Do It

Our approach is different. By carefully selecting human volunteers and monitoring them throughout a disease episode under tightly controlled medical quarantine conditions,  we can demonstrate proof of concept for a new investigational drug or other therapeutic in a much shorter timeframe and in fewer subjects than traditionally, and crucially before investing in large, expensive field-based studies. hVIVO embraces the whole of our technology platform, from patient recruitment through to biomedical research and accelerated drug and vaccine development.


Our hVIVO human models of disease utilise the ability of challenge agents, such as respiratory viruses, to elicit common self-limiting diseases such as flu, cold, RSV and asthma in otherwise healthy volunteers. By watching the entire disease lifecycle as subjects move from healthy to sick and recover back to healthy again, we can obtain high quality, longitudinal data from the before, during and after phases of disease. These models can be used to study the efficacy of new therapies such as antiviral drugs and vaccines and also to study the target disease itself.

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Interested in participating in a clinical trial?

Human volunteers are at the heart of all we do. Human Challenge Model studies entail working either with healthy volunteers, or with patient volunteers who suffer with a specific illness or disease that we are targeting, for further exploration and much greater in-depth understanding.

hVIVO has a strong track record recruiting for human challenge studies through its FluCamp arm - volunteer for a clinical trial with Flucamp - the volunteer brand of hVIVO

‘FluCamp’ is a volunteer recruitment brand of hVIVO Services Limited.


FluCamp-Logo (1)To find out more about the whole volunteer experience in hVIVO ‘FluCamp’ clinical trials, the science behind it, and to register your interest in volunteering, visit our dedicated FluCamp volunteer information and recruitment site at .


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