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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

hLAB is a highly specialised virology and immunology laboratory offering a suite of services to support pre-clinical and clinical respiratory drug and vaccine discovery and development.

Our work includes assay development, transfer and optimization across immunology, molecular and cell-based assays, including offering extensive options in sample matrix and stability testing and stability analysis. All assays validated to FDA, EMA and ICH guidelines.

With specialists focusing on virology, immunology and molecular biology, our hLAB is well equipped within our Biosafety Level 2 and 3 facilities to provide high quality data outputs to enable clients to arrive at a proof of concept, or to make a breakthrough discovery in the pathology and possible treatment of diseases with unmet medical needs.

Over 86,000 samples
each year, generating more
than 300,000 aliquots

Bio-repository stores
in excess of
500,000 samples

Biosafety Level 3 (CAT 3)
lab services available
SARS-CoV2-assays validated

Quality Standards
GCLP, CAP Accredited and external QA, HTA,  FLUCOP

In addition to our assay portfolio, hLAB has significant experience in sample -handling and -processing, routinely processing over 80,000 samples per year and managing over 500,000 samples in our biobank facility. We provide flexible options across a variety of sample processing methodologies, sample collection kit designs and assays to meet our client’s study design.

Reliable laboratory analysis underpinned by scientific expertise is essential when processing and analysing clinical samples. Robust quality processes support our team of scientists in the delivery ofsubmission ready data.

Collaborative and responsive during contract negotiations with contract put in place in a short period of time
Global top 5 pharma client

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