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FluCamp Clinical Trials Recruitment

FluCamp Clinical Trials Recruitment is our Volunteer Recruitment brand. Volunteers are an essential piece of the puzzle as without our volunteers, we would not be able to run our human challenge trials.

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Behind our brand we have a team of over 50 employees that manage the volunteer recruitment for our upcoming studies. Over the years we have been optimizing the recruitment of healthy volunteers and patients. Our recruitment is centred around our three pillars: Clinical Trials, Trust and Benefits.

The different phases of volunteer recruitment:

  • Lead generation: dedicated marketing team
  • Online screening (web screening)
  • Telephone call (conducted by our dedicated phone team)
  • First screening visit to our screening clinic (blood taking – serology)
  • Blood serology is tested in hLab
  • Phone call (conducted by our dedicated phone team)
  • Second visit (health check)
  • Invitation to quarantine (taking part in clinical trial)
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FluCamp is currently recruiting healthy volunteers and asthma patients to take part in our clinical trials. This will support future medical research and will help bring our understanding of infectious and respiratory illnesses to a new level.

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If you are interested in volunteering, please do not hesitate to visit to learn more and sign up!

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