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Our values

At hVIVO, our values are more than just words. They are what define us.


One Team

We are a diverse group of individuals working for one team to achieve common goals. Each one of us plays a crucial role in the team's success. We are committed to each other and the team. We learn from our failures together and celebrate our successes together. Diversity and inclusion are at the core of our organisation, and we consider our clients’ success as our own.



We are dedicated to the growth of our colleagues, customers and shareholders. We are committed to our personal growth and the development of our colleagues. We aim to grow our client base and the value of their products. We will repay the trust of our shareholders in achieving greater returns on their investment. We will achieve this by creating a culture of intellectual freedom across the organisation.


Integrity & Welfare

We take personal ownership of our actions and always act in ways that builds trust and respect with all our stakeholders. We pride ourselves in maintaining the welfare and the rights of all individuals and ensuring the best outcomes for our volunteers and patients. We are honest, have strong moral and ethical principles and are reliable and consistent in our delivery.


Innovation & Agility

We are pioneering in our approach, always curious. We use our unique scientific expertise to guide our client’s towards successful outcomes. We embrace new opportunities and rise to new challenges. Our agility allows us to redefine our markets and be highly responsive to our clients’ requirements.

Delivering today’s healthcare by empowering tomorrow’s innovation.
To transform global healthcare by revolutionising the drug development process through scientific ingenuity.
Profile photo of Doctor Andrew Catchpole
“At hVIVO, our values are more than just words. They are what define us.”
Andrew Catchpole
Chief Scientific Officer

Join a team that’s making a difference in the advancement of new drugs and vaccines.

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