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Field Trial Bio-logistics

Working with global biologistic partners

Our hLab can provide all your sample collection kit needs to support your field trial studies. In the absence of commercial data, these services include sample stability testing for transport matrices, as required, to support the sampling strategy and logistics of our clients.

Where this is a gap, we fill it; In the absence of a commercially available RSV stability matrix with long term stability data, hLAB developed our own.

Our hLABs own stability matrix

Sample Collection:
  • Bespoke sample collection kits
  • Virus stabilisation / transport matrix
  • Sample collection and storage instructions
hLAB developed RSV stabilisation Matrix:
  • Stabilise RSV-A and B over multiple freeze thaw events
  • Stability data available for room temperature, 2-8ºC, <-20ºC and <-80ºC
  • Global field-trial kit distribution
  • Central Lab facilities
  • Subsequent laboratory sample processing and analysis

Proven track record supporting RSV field trials using our stabilisation matrix and downstream laboratory analysis.

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