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Welcome to hVIVO - About Us

We are experts in a field where people lead the way. The demand for new treatments in the drive towards a healthier world is a pressing one. There is a real need to better understand the true causes of debilitating and life threatening conditions and identify the best way to alleviate or cure them. However, the process of bringing new, affordable treatments to market is complex, costly, high risk and long.

At hVIVO, our approach is radically simple. We develop human models of disease that enable organisations to discover better drugs and diagnostics and accelerate new product development.

Our belief is that real people hold the key to understanding human biology and this radically simple concept is opening up a brave new world of breakthrough science.
hVIVO has established itself as the world leader in human challenge models:

• 25+ years serving the life sciences industry
• 44 clinical studies completed
• over 85 separate quarantines conducted
• over 2,100 volunteers participated

Our Services - What we Do

Pioneering human models of disease the hVIVO way.

We are a world-leading life sciences company dedicated to the study of the Human Challenge Model (HCM), an extensive scientific analysis of how viruses and other illnesses behave in the human body. These studies may take place in the company’s unique, purpose-built, quarantine unit in London or from time to time we may use other facilities. The Human Challenge Model enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as world leading academic groups, to accelerate and reduce the cost of bringing anti-viral drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines to market.

hVIVO is pioneering new research into human disease


hVIVO has been pioneering flu challenge models since it was founded over 25 years ago.


hVIVO has its roots in the renowned Common Cold Institute in Salisbury UK, and has applied many o...


In 2014, hVIVO’s RSV Model became the gold standard for human challenge studies


Asthma is a disease full of questions. It is a diverse disease that affects over 300 million peop...