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visionvalues_topimageAt hVIVO, our approach is radically simple. We develop human models of disease that enable organisations to discover better drugs and diagnostics and accelerate new product development. It is a pioneering clinical research organisation that cares.

We are experts in a field where people lead the way. The demand for new treatments in the drive towards a healthier world is a pressing one. There is a real need to better understand the true causes of debilitating and life threatening conditions and identify the best way to alleviate or cure them. However, the process of bringing new, affordable treatments to market is complex, costly, high risk and long.

Our belief is that real people hold the key to understanding human biology and this radically simple concept is opening up a brave new world of breakthrough science.

hVIVO has established itself as the world leader in human models of disease:

• 25+ years serving the life sciences industry
• 48 clinical research studies completed
• over 85 separate quarantines conducted
• over 2,300 volunteers participated

As a speciality biopharma company we have two distinct ways that our proprietary platform can be used to mine biological insight to develop new products, and to test products rapidly and effectively such that late phase surprises and sets backs are minimised. By putting a ‘human in a lab,’ hVIVO is able to see disease in motion in order to get at the true biological levers of disease that are normally hidden from view. And through the very same ‘human lab’ approach, hVIVO is able to generate ‘disease in motion’ in order to test therapeutic interventions against that disease.

One of the key hurdles in today’s drug development paradigm is the difficulty of mapping the underlying mechanics of disease: to identify root causes and define the levers that affect development. This critical step typically takes more than ten years. But with our innovative human-based clinical approach, we can significantly accelerate this process.

The missing link: hVIVO’s human-centred approach

The hVIVO platform puts humans at the heart of disease modelling. Volunteers are recruited for research studies, as a part of phased clinical trials, in which a viral challenge agent is administered to elicit a self‑limiting infection, such as flu, or to trigger a disease episode or exacerbation, such as in asthma patients. The studies are conducted under tightly controlled, quarantine conditions with full medical supervision.

How does this differ from traditional field studies? In field‑based studies, patients are only recruited when they become symptomatic and are monitored at intervals. Unlike these studies, hVIVO’s approach offers :

  • Personal baseline: the healthy or pre‑challenge subject acts as an internal control by providing a pre‑disease baseline
  • Simplified correlation: the laboratory‑like conditions mean the presentation of symptoms against timeline together with cellular and molecular changes in response to the challenge agent can be tightly correlated
  • Disease movie-reel: multiple, high quality samples can be taken from a range of body compartments throughout the course of the disease, or disease episode to provide a longitudinal 4D movie‑reel view of the host response

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