02 Apr 2019
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hVIVO and Imutex Limited to present at IVW 2019 conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, April

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Influenza Vaccines For The World 2019, April 02 - 04, Edinburgh, Scotland. hVIVO and its joint venture, Imutex Limited, will present at the Influenza Vaccines for the World (IVW 2019) conference on 2-4 April 2019 at the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
  • "FLU-v, a broad spectrum influenza vaccine: cross-reactivity and field results" Dr Olga Pleguezuelos, Imutex (SEEK), Tuesday, 2 April 2019, Session 3,12.10-12.40
  • "The future for FLU-v: Efficacy results from an H1N1 challenge study" Dr Emma James, Imutex (SEEK), Tuesday, 2 April 2019, Session 4, 14.30-15.00
  • "The human viral challenge and the evaluation of novel/universal vaccines" Dr Rob Lambkin-Williams, hVIVO, Wednesday, 3 April 2019, Session 6, 09.30-09:50
If you would like to make contact with hVIVO before or during the IVW event in Edinburgh, please use the Contact Us page on this site.

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