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PrEP Biopharm is a development stage biopharmaceutical company that is creating a fundamentally new paradigm of prophylaxis for upper respiratory tract infections.

In November 2015, hVIVO acquired a significant equity stake in PrEP Biopharm Limited (“PrEP Biopharm”) a new UK biotech company with its prophylactic compound PrEP-001, a compound where hVIVO’s platform has been a fundamental contributor to its success to date. This allows hVIVO to participate in the upside value generated by the product insights our platform provides. We are leveraging the platform’s speed of conduct for early phase research and application of its biological insights to simplify later phase studies – further enhancing PrEP-001’s potential going forward.

In 2014, hVIVO conducted a proof of concept study for Janssen using the hVIVO platform. This study demonstrated that Janssen’s compound (now renamed PrEP-001) achieved a threefold reduction in clinical illness and an eightfold reduction in common cold symptoms compared with a placebo. With these promising results, hVIVO saw tremendous commercial potential for PrEP-001.

Working with the other main PrEP Biopharm investors, which include Johnson & Johnson Innovation-JJDC Inc and the founders of PrEP Biopharm, we executed the PrEP Biopharm transaction completing it on 1 November 2015. From summer 2015, hVIVO commenced the complex clinical trial start up activities in order to target positioning of PrEP-001 for field Phase IIb.

Find out more about PrEP-001 here.

Visit the PrEP Biopharm Ltd website here.

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